Central San Diego Pest Control

Standard pests like ants, spiders, cockroaches and fleas have no particular season in central San Diego. These pests invade homes year round and can be a nightmare for residents and businesses. To keep your home or business pest-free, we use low odor, low toxicity pesticide to treat the exterior and interior of your home.

After the initial service, we return throughout the year to maintain the exterior barrier. These services are guaranteed to keep standard pests away all year. Our standard pest control service is offered on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis, so you can choose which service works best for your budget and schedule. We also perform one-time services if needed.

Central San Diego Termite Treatments

Central San Diego, like the rest of California, only sees Drywood and Subterranean termites. These termites cause millions in damage each year and can threaten the safety of your structure if left untreated. License to Kill has kept central San Diego termite-free since 1997.

We offer fumigation services as well as local spot treatment, when necessary, to keep homes and businesses free of termites. If termites have compromised your structure, we have an in-house team of licensed contractors to restore your home or business. Learn more about termites and our treatment options.

Central San Diego Rodent Removal

Rats and mice invade homes all year in central San Diego. They are often influenced by sudden shifts in the weather like dry or wet spells, heatwaves or cold snaps. Rodents come inside seeking shelter, food and a place to breed. Both rats and mice are prolific breeders and can have several large litters over a matter of months. Like cockroaches, seeing a few rodents usually indicates a larger colony in spots you can’t see like wall voids and attic spaces.

Rodents can spread disease with their droppings and bring other unwanted pests like mites, fleas and bed bugs if left untreated. License to Kill uses a combination of rodenticide, glue boards and snap traps to keep your home rodent-free. We also have a team of licensed contractors to perform exclusion work, so rodents can’t return by the small crevices and openings around your home. Learn more about our rodent services.

What Our Customers Are Saying

5 star review

"We never write reviews, but our experience with License to Kill was AMAZING. The employee that was sent out to take care of our ant issue was extremely thorough in explaining the different ant behaviors, and then explained the treatment program and how it would work. 2 weeks later, not a sign of an ant. THANKS LICENSE TO KILL."

5 star review

"I heard rodents in walls and in the attic. I called several companies but inspections were fast and very costly. I called License to Kill, they went everywhere and found a solution and came up with a monthly program that worked for me. I recommend them to anyone in San Diego."

5 star review

"Buying a home I had to have extensive wood repair done along with a fumigation. The seller had a 20k bid from their pest control company. My agent had License to Kill come out and I saved massive amounts of money. They did excellent repair work and even painted the new wood. They tented the home and gave me a free pest control service. Thanks guys keep up good work."

We've Got A License To Kill Central San Diego's Pests!

ant pest control central san diego


Ants are a problem for every home in San Diego, but they're no match for our ant control treatments.

cockroach pest control central san diego


Roaches are incredibly difficult to exterminate on your own. Call us to make sure the job is done right.

spider pest control central san diego


Don't let Black Widow bites hospitalize your children, our treatments will eliminate your spiders in one day!

pest control central san diego


1 in 16 homes in San Diego have termites. Our methods are guaranteed to get rid of your termite colony.

Check Out Our Reviews

  • "A job well done. Came out the same day I called to take care of our bug problem and haven't seen a single critter since! My wife is terrified of spiders but she can now rest in peace knowing that our home is secured and we didn't have to pay an arm and a leg. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable, and I recommend to all."

100% Customer Satisfaction

Family owned and operated, License To Kill has been a part of the San Diego community since 1997. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction, we look forward to being your pest control experts. We have extensive experience eliminating pests in apartments, commercial properties, historical structures and residential homes. Our treatment methods are guaranteed to kill your pests. At License-To-Kill, we understand pesticide sensitivity. If you’re allergic to pesticides, concerned about your pregnancy, pets or children, we care and are prepared to work with you. Please call us for your pest control needs today.