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Only a complete inspection of your home or building can tell you if your structure has Drywood termites. Drywood termites, commonly referred to as swarmers, are termites that swarm a structure and feed on the exposed wood. These termites are found in eaves, attics, garage spaces, and around door and window frames. They drill into wood, causing kick-out holes and small piles of wood shavings.

Drywood termites usually swarm in the spring and fall, but in San Diego, they can be found all year long due to the favorable weather conditions. License to Kill’s licensed termite inspectors will advise you of all areas of termite infestations in your home or building. Your inspector will also determine the best type of treatment suited to the structure. Accessibility of termite infestations will determine our recommendation of full-structure tent fumigation or secondary local spot treatments.

Drywood Termite Fumigation

Drywood Termite Free - Guaranteed!

Fumigation is the most effective way to fully eradicate Drywood termites. Also known as tenting, fumigation is when your home is covered for three days while gas fumigants kill the termites inside. We use Vikane gas fumigant because of its ability to reach Drywood termites where traditional pesticides can't. Vikane works by penetrating the structure to kill termites through suffocation. After fumigation, Vikane leaves no residue behind. License To Kill provides a 2 year warranty on structural fumigations and offers maintenance contracts on all termite work.

Drywood Termite Local Treatments

Don't Move Out - Spot Treatments May Eliminate Your Termites

drywood termite secondary treatment

Our technicians at License To Kill are experts at local termite treatments. We have treatment solutions for houses, apartments, commercial properties and multi-unit structures. At the request of the homeowner or property management company, a recommendation for secondary termite treatments will be provided.

We understand that when you’re purchasing a town home or condominium, a neighbor may flat out refuse to have the fumigation and/or contribute payment for the cost involved on large buildings or homes. Simply inform us of your situation and we will work to accommodate you. License-To-Kill offers a drywood termite control service agreement for either fumigation or secondary treatments that protect your structure after the initial warranty period has expired.

When Are Local Treatments Used?

Secondary treatments are typically used in apartment complexes, town homes, or homes where the homeowners do not want to open up the walls or fumigate the structure. License To Kill has has a high success rate controlling Drywood termites with secondary treatments. We use electronic tools to locate the wood members that are hidden behind drywall, plaster and paneling. When we find infested wood members, we drill up and down the wall along the beam. As we drill, we inject chemical into the wood members. Our technicians will patch the areas that were drilled and treated, property owners may want to paint surfaces after they have been patched.

  • Drill & Treat Spot Treatments consists of drilling the wood members where the termites have been found and injecting a pressurized liquid chemical that penetrates the termite galleries. The termites transfer the chemical to other termites that they come in contact with, dying shortly thereafter. Our termite service technicians will cover up the drill holes which are typically 3/16ths of an inch in diameter. Our termite inspector will recommend the damaged wood created by the termites be repaired either by patching or replacing the wood. Wood replacement also allows us and others to determine if other termites are still active within the structure.
  • Replacing Termite Damaged Wood consists of removing the visibly damaged wood members and then inspecting to make sure the termites have been totally removed by this process. As a preventative measure, License To Kill will treat the wood members surrounding the removed wood. Our technicians will then install new wood along with caulking, priming and painting the new material as necessary.

Preventative Termite Treatments

  • New Buildings / Construction

    During the framing stage, we can treat wood members with Timbor which typically provides termite protection for about a decade. Not only is Timbor great at eliminating termites, its also repellant to ants, cockroaches and other insects. Timbor helps to prevent fungus and dry rot infections in the wood members treated.

  • Existing Buildings

    Preventative treatments are beneficial to existing structures too. Attics and sub areas have many exposed wood members which allow termites to infest the structure. If you are in the middle of a remodel, we can treat the exposed walls, ceilings and timber to protect your investment. Please note that when the areas are opened up and additional termite damage is found it may be necessary to drill and treat the wood or even fumigate the property.

After Treatment

  • Wood Repair

    We'll repair any structural or cosmetic wood damage caused by Drywood termites or other wood boring pests.

  • Extended Termite Warranties

    For lasting protection, we offer renewable guarantees on any of our termite services to protect your home from termites for years to come.


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Termite Wood Repair
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I highly recommend license to kill for all pest, termite, and for repair of structural damage due to termites. They get the job done right, and they are very honest and friendly!!

5 star review

I cannot say enough about how great this company took care of us during our fumigation. They were very professional and went above and beyond to make the fume easier on us. From the office staff to the termite inspector to the fumigation crew, everyone was so informative and nice. I recommend them to EVERYONE!

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Wood Destroying Pests In San Diego

drywood termite treatment san diego

Drywood Termites

Drywood termites prefer to infest dry wood and are commonly found in walls and attics.

drywood termite treatment san diego

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites require moisture to survive and are typically found coming in through the base of the structure.

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Fungus & Dry Rot

Fungus or dry rot produce spores, which are like tiny seeds that are distributed by wind and water.

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Wood Boring Beetles

Wood boring beetles lay their eggs in wood and commonly damage wood facing.

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  • "I'm a real estate agent who works with termite companies on a regular basis. Whenever I get to pick who to hire, my choice is always License to Kill!! Their quality of work, attention to detail, and customer service are better than everyone out there! License to Kill does their part in making my real estate transaction smooth! They go above and beyond the rest!"

Why We Don't Use Orange Oil

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Orange Oil;
The Flammable Local Treatment

  • Orange oil becomes highly flammable when applied to the wood in your home!
  • Orange oil is harmful to the environment and toxic to breathe.
  • Orange oil is not approved for the whole-structure treatment of termites.