Orange Oil Termite Treatments Are Dangerous

orange oil fire damage san diego

Orange oil, also known as citric acid or d-limonene, has become a popular termite treatment in San Diego. A lot of companies advertise that Orange oil is an environmentally responsible substitute fumigation or localized pesticide treatment. While orange oil will eliminate termites, it is also highly flammable, so injecting it into the wood beams around your home may make your home a fire hazard. Orange oil is also irritating to the eyes, nose, throat and lungs.

Orange Oil Is Not A Primary Treatment For Termites

orange oil is not a primary treatment for termites in san diego

The state of California does not recognize orange oil as a primary Drywood termite control solution.

Orange oil treatments are limited to accessible areas, which allows termites to continue feeding and re-establish themselves after treatment. There are only two approved whole structure treatment methods for the eradication of termites: fumigation and heat.

Orange Oil Is Highly Flammable

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Orange oil is extremely flammable at temperatures above 122 degrees. Orange oil is a contact based termiticide, meaning it has to saturate the wood to effectively control termites. Wood saturated with orange oil is highly flammable. Orange oil should not be used near electrical sources, heating and cooling units, or in any other situation that may routinely reach over 120 degrees - such as a wall void or attic.

In San Diego, many homes are near areas that are prone to wildfires. Having a structure soaked in orange oil may make your home harder to protect during fire season.

Orange Oil Is Ineffective

Orange oil biodegrades in 21 days and has no residual value after that time. Due to orange oil’s short life span, any termites that are present 3 weeks after the treatment will continue feeding on your home.

Orange Oil Is Toxic To The Environment

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Orange oil releases a high level of VOC's (volatile organic compounds) which are harmful to the environment and unsafe to breathe. Orange oil is also a major marine pollutant and can lead to water contamination if spilled. License To Kill performs in depth research on all products before they are used.

We are conscious of the environment and understand that some products are truly unsafe to use on a structure, despite how they are advertised. For complete termite solutions that won’t jeopardize your home, call us today.

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