Termite Fumigation San Diego

termite fumigation san diego

Termite Tent Fumigation San Diego

Fumigation is one of the most effective ways to fully eradicate Drywood termites, bed bugs, cockroaches and wood boring beetles. This process, also known as tenting, is when tarps cover your home for three days. Vikane gas fumigant is used because of its ability to penetrate the structure, reaching termites and other pests where traditional pesticides cannot. Vikane rapidly penetrates through wood members of the structure to kill pests through suffocation.

After fumigation, Vikane leaves no residues, a common worry with fumigants. In a typical License To Kill fumigation, the gas will mixes with the air under the fumigation tents in about an hour. Within 4 hours, the gas will be present two inches into the wood. In the following twelve hours, the gas will penetrate through all wood in the building, killing all pests. License To Kill provides a 2 year warranty on structural fumigations and offers maintenance contracts on all termite work.

apartment condo termite fumigation san diego

Apartment & Commercial Fumigation

License To Kill’s termite technicians have years of experience with all types of fumigations. In addition to residential fumigation, we also offer large scale commercial fumigation. We have fumigated several multiple story office buildings and apartments. In these types of fumigations, we work directly with property management and setup contact meetings with occupants, carefully giving detailed presentations on how tent fumigation works. After we explain everything to your occupants, we hold a question-and-answer period to allow everyone the opportunity to address the needs they have concerning the fumigation. We work diligently to answer each question, ensuring you and your occupants are well informed of the fumigation process.

boat ship termite fumigation san diego

Some businesses aren’t able to shut down operations during the week. License To Kill’s technicians are available to fumigate on weekends and holidays to keep your business running smoothly. License To Kill technicians also have extensive experience with dry dock and in-water boat fumigation. We are available to fumigate mobile homes, motor homes, planes and even shipping containers. Our staff is highly trained and will take every precaution to ensure your property is handled the very best.

Termite Fumigation Preparation Sheet

Occupant Fumigation Notice

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