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Standard pests, termites and rodents have no season in San Diego, and infiltrate homes in Clairemont year round. These pests can cause thousands in damage and risk the health of your family members and pets. It is for this reason that License to Kill offers protection from pests with our preventative pest maintenance program and termite treatments. We use only the most effective, eco-friendly pest control products and integrated pest management techniques to keep pests away.

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Our goal is complete customer satisfaction, we look forward to being your pest control experts. We have extensive experience eliminating pests in apartments, commercial properties, historical structures and residential homes. Our treatment methods are guaranteed to kill your pests. At License-To-Kill, we understand pesticide sensitivity. If you’re allergic to pesticides, concerned about your pregnancy, pets or children, we care and are prepared to work with you. Please call us for your pest control needs today.

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Verified Employees

All of our employees are fully state licensed, bonded and undergo thorough federal background checks before visiting you.

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Every pest control, rodent removal and termite treatment we offer comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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We're a San Diego local, Christian family owned and operated business with active military, veteran and senior discounts.

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Exterminating All Of Clairemont's Pests

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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are notorious hitchhikers. Just leaving a bag in an infested area for a moment can introduce a colony to your home when you bring those bags inside. They also travel on clothing and through walls in infested hotels, condos or apartments. Reclaim your home and kick those bed bugs to the curb by calling License To Kill.

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Pest Control

Ants, spiders, cockroaches and fleas all fall under our standard pest control service, but each pest can pose a unique threat to your home. Spiders can bite and cause allergic reactions. Fleas and cockroaches can spread disease, while ants take over your kitchen or bathroom in a matter of days. Let the professionals at License To Kill customize a standard pest plan to rid your home of pests today.

rodent control removal Clairemont ca

San Diego's warm sunny climate year round and unique urban layout makes rodent infestations very common around the city. A lot of homes are near open spaces or near places being developed, which means rats and mice will come inside your home seeking food, water and a safe place to breed. Keep rodents out by beginning our rodent control program.

termite treatment Clairemont ca

There are 2 types of termites that threaten structures in San Diego; subterranean and Drywood termites. Subterranean termites tunnel through the soil to infest wood structures, while Drywood termites infest an exposed wood beam by swarming. License To Kill exterminates any termite colony threatening your home. We provide comprehensive termite escrow reports and commercial termite removal services for apartments, condos and other multi-unit structures.

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