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Harry W.
San Diego, CA
After reviewing all the (currently open) San Diego county termite control companies (I used the Better Business Bureau, Yelp and Google reviews, reported complaints, etc) I called License to Kill on Thursday, April 2, to request an inspection. They made an appointment for the next day, Friday, between 10am and noon. Larry came to inspect our home at 10:15am. He was dressed with mask and gloves, and kept a 6 foot distance! My immediate impression was, here was a company that is very aware of the virus pandemic and is taking the trouble to ensure that its workers were properly informed. Larry was completely professional, as well as courteous and friendly. He explained to me the results of his inspection and the appropriate steps to take in careful detail; he answered every one of my questions. License to Kill is fortunate to have Larry as one of their employees. Thumbs up! Larry called the home office to schedule someone to come and treat the house for the infestation of subterranean termites. Luckily, they had a cancellation and were able to send someone out the next day, Saturday, April 4.
Vincent, and his assistant Alex, arrived not too long after 9:00am. Both were thoroughly professional, dressed with masks and gloves, friendly and courteous. Vincent asked me to show him the places that had been marked on a grid map of my home which had been prepared beforehand and was now ready to be marked where holes needed to be drilled to access and treat the ground below the slab. At each point Vincent carefully explained where the holes would be drilled, how deep they would go and how they would be filled afterwards to minimize the changes in appearance of tiles and flooring. In detail he explained the chemicals that would be injected into the ground, why the wood itself would not be treated (a fascinating discussion about the feeding habits of subterranean termites), and how much odor to expect afterward. Vincent later discussed with me the exact extent of the damage these termites had caused and that he and Alex had repaired the worst of the load-bearing studs.
In my experience it is rare to find a professional who does major repair, remodeling, renovating or up-grading repairs to ones house, willing to explain in detail what has been done. Typically, when finished, I hear a "It is all fixed, here's your warranty"; Vincent said "this is what we did to fix it, do you have any questions"; he instilled confidence in me that the job was done properly.
In my opinion, License to Kill is a termite control company that can be trusted; their employees, Larry, Vincent and Alex (as well as Sara who is the contact person at the office) are polite, respectful, skilled and remarkably easy to talk to. Another thumbs up!

Christie C.
San Diego, CA
Called LTK to set traps for my unwanted rat. When he pulled out 15 traps I knew he was serious. Up all night but finally we got it. Called Vincent this morning and he is sending someone out to get rid of my unwanted guest. Great service. Vincent is also getting me an estimate for repairs to seal up my place so I never have this problem again. You guys rock!

Liz R.
La Mesa, CA
I saw a few wasps moving in and out from behind my outdoor mini fridge. Eesh! I called these guys and they came out, same day, and removed three (I had three?!) wasp nests for the price they quoted on the phone. They also warned me that while they can remove the nests, they can't prevent wasps from reassembling where they want. So far, though, I haven't seen them return. Same day service at a fair price works for me!

Katie T.
San Diego, CA
Best pest control company in San Diego. They are a must use!!!

Angel V.
San Diego, CA
It was easy to see that this was a family owned and operated company. When I called for a free termite inspection. It was nice to work with a company who took customer service seriously and helped me every step of the way in taking care of my termite problems. I even shopped around and even though they were not the cheapest, in my opinion they were the best. As they say, you get what you pay for. I may have paid a little more, but I was so happy with the work they did and how professional the job was handled. I know I got my money's worth. In the end, I didn't need to fumigate, I did need to make some repairs and got away with a localized treatment. I am truly confident that my termite problems are fixed, and I would be happy to recommend License-To-Kill to all my friends and family.

James H.
San Diego, CA
Amazing service, found some termite damage that should have been treated by another company during escrow. License to Kill came out and did a free inspection and let me know how to handle the situation. They did not take a penny and the other company came out and fixed the damage.

Jen C.
San Diego, CA
I'm a real estate agent who works with termite companies on a regular basis. Whenever I get to pick who to hire, my choice is always License to Kill!! Their quality of work, attention to detail, and customer service are better than everyone out there! License to Kill does their part in making my real estate transaction smooth! They go above and beyond the rest!

Aaron G.
La Mesa, CA
We bought our house and had a bogus previous inspection during escrow. Larry came out to our house, cited all the things done wrong previously, helped us pull up and look at the previous report from when we bought the house, and walked us through next steps to rectify the situation. He saved me 20-30 thousand dollars worth of out of pocket repairs. He did all of this for free. Larry was knowledge, friendly, on time, and thorough. I will be using this company solely for all future work. Do yourself a favor, even if you are unsure of them, let this company give you a quote.

Laurie T.
San Diego, CA
The owners are the hardest workers I know! Vince and Sandy did a complete termite fumigation, remodel and repair of our bathrooms, structural repair, and floor and tile replacement. Not only did they do a great job, they got it done in a timely manner. Very courteous and friendly too :)

Wood C.
El Cajon, CA
I could not recommend this company enough. They are amazing. Every time I have a problem they take care of it that day. No hesitation. We have been using them for years and have never been disappointed.

Nancy J.
San Diego, CA
License to Kill did a fantastic job remodeling my kitchen and bathroom. FIVE STARS!!

Cecile C.
El Cajon, CA
I called LTK and made an appointment. I had a rat in my house. Vincent came out about 11 and set 15 traps, this rat is not getting away. I was a little stressed about this whole thing but Vincent assured me they would get the critter. I was up and down all night but finally the trap went and the rat is now gone. Vincent is sending someone to pick up the critter and he is also going to get a estimate to me as soon as possible to seal the place the rat could be getting in. My new heroes.

Dan B.
San Diego, CA
We had a very positive experience with License-To-Kill. We were referred to their inspector by our buyer's agent realtor. Larry appeared and sounded quite experienced during the inspection and identified 3-4 areas of certain and / or potential concern for termite damage. We had hoped and expected that the seller would then take responsibility for the repairs and fumigation, but when she did not, we continued to interact with LTK to try to schedule a fumigation and needed remediation work. I first contacted Sandy several weeks prior to when we would be able to get into the house and she was great on both the phone and by e-mail, providing prompt, accurate, and friendly feedback on every question we had before scheduling the repair/remediation work. They came to the house to provide the remediation work and were able to accomplish all of the repairs in one day. Although neither my wife nor I have much construction expertise, the work they did in replacing damaged eaves rafters with new wood and painting the wood with paint we provided and inspecting and then trying to provide a roof line moisture seal and a small patch of new stucco looks like it is of high quality workmanship and aesthetically looks quite nice. We were concerned about the risk of damage to our solar panels and to other areas of the house from the tenting, but Sandy had reassured me several times that they have used them a lot and had good experiences from their customers and they wouldn't continue using them if they weren't good. They appeared on time for both the tenting and the removing of tenting and we have noticed no major damage or ill effects on the house or solar panels. After we were able to get back into the house and continued to ventilate it we were able to see evidence of a few dead arthropods throughout the house and garage, helping us believe the fumigation was also effective. Although we did not do tons of comparison shopping prior to asking LTK to do the work, we always felt that they were being up front with us in the discussions leading up to the work we had done. We relied in no small part on the extremely positive customer service experience we had with Sandy in hiring them, and our sense that they really did and do try to live Christian principles in their interactions with customers. Although the price was not inexpensive from our perspective, Vincent did offer us a significant Military Retiree discount on the final settling of the bill and if all of the work done did indeed rid of us of termites and prevented future infestations for several years we will have indeed considered it money well-spent!

Adam A.
San Diego, CA
Excellent, on time, friendly service. They are also very reasonable price wise! I will recommend them to friends and family.

Marty S.
San Diego, CA
License to Kill provides the best in top quality affordable service. I recommend them whole heartedly.

Larry C.
San Diego, CA
I had a mouse / rat problem in an apartment for over 3 months. This rodent had eaten the wiring and all of the pipes of the dishwasher including making many holes in the walls. I tried to kill him myself with every type of trap and poison sold at the hardware store. I finally called my (regular) pest control company to help. Even they could not find the rodent and kill it. I found License to Kill on the internet and call called them. They had Vincent call me back right away and he came out in 1 hour. Vincent told me he had over 20 years experience with rodents and pests and he would solve my rodent problem. Vincent told me his plans and went to work. He set traps and made a special trap just for my apartment. ONLY 4 hours later my tenant called me and said the rat was caught in Vincent's trap. I went to the apartment and there it was, A rat as big as a possum, This rat filled the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket. I am very Thankful for Vincent and the quick, professional help he gave me. This guy is the only pest control guy I have met in 35 years that really knows what he is doing.

Theresa B.
Jumul, CA
These guys have AMAZING prices, quick service, and caring staff. It started with the woman who scheduled me, she directed me the best way to go and made sure I had all the information. Then the service tech was caring and careful around my son and pups. And they have great follow up!!

Mary B.
San Diego, CA
Highly recommend this company! Trustworthy and dependable! Like that this a small company with more personalized service.

Charles L.
Scripps Ranch, CA
Perfect! Couldn't ask for more. Very professional and the price was right and the best part - no more pests!

Mario D.
Lakeside, CA
Over summer my home was covered in ants. The ants were relentless! I would use chemicals and store bought insect killer daily, nothing worked. I know I need a professional company but was afraid of the high costs in case the ants returned. I contacted License to Kill. They were amazing! Price was very reasonable and I haven't had a problem since!

Tom B.
Solana Beach, CA
Called Vincent about rats in unit wall. He was very pleasant and gave me some good advice. Thank you.

Curtis D.
La Mesa, CA
I had subterranean termites under the slab portion of the house. License To Kill was prompt in inspection and met my scheduling needs. Successful work and left the work areas clean. Came back a year later under warranty to supplement and took care of another location unrelated to the first treatment. Cost of work was reasonable.

Steven A.
La Mesa, CA
A job well done. Came out the same day I called to take care of our bug problem and haven't seen a single critter since! My wife is terrified of spiders but she can now rest easy knowing that our home is secured and we didn't have to pay an arm and a leg. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable, and I recommend to all.

Jack R.
Spring Valley, CA
I had two nests of yellow jackets that were stinging my cleanup crew and me, the property owner. I called License to Kill and Vincent came out and treated the nests. In spite of getting stung by these aggressive insects himself, he managed to eliminate both nests over a two visit period. Their service was exceptional.

Rahman D.
Chula Vista, CA
Never had a problem with them before, but a mouse ran through the entrance of my front door into the kitchen after letting my dog outside. Got into the bottom base of a cabinet through a small gap not more than an inch. I set up glue traps like normal with no luck. After two nights of clawing at the bottom of the cabinet, I decided to call Vincent and he showed up same day in a couple of hours. Come to find out that the mouse was trapped and my perimeter of traps wouldn't have been effective anyway. After inspection we decided the best route would be to remove the wood panel and wooden pieces around the foundation of the cabinet. The mouse found was in a small space in the back of the cabinet where end result would've died while waiting on the traps. Needless to say Vincent was very thorough and helpful in getting the job accomplished. I called other companies prior who said they don't deal with live removals and would only come and setup traps. However, he took his time had all the proper tools required and made the right calls to help end a problem. Fair priced with great service which was surely appreciated.

Anthony P.
San Diego, CA
License to Kill is the best value for pest control in San Diego. I had a rodent in my kitchen that was a using my stove as a home and entering through a couple holes / wall access points for the rodent behind the stove and fridge area of my kitchen. I had originally called companies like Corky's and Terminix, both of which have done good work for me in the past with ants or spiders. But ultimately it was the much lower fair price that I was quoted that made me go with Vincent at License to Kill. He was knowledgeable yet didn't try to push me on the up-sell. He listened to my concerns, we discussed my options, and he simply solved the problem at a much lower price compared to the bigger more advertised competitors. In less then 48 hours I caught the rodent with the traps he set, and he returned a week later as discussed ( to make sure it was only one rodent) and to complete the job and fill in my problem area access points with steel wool and stucco. To top it off, he set up an extra trap in the attic of my back rental unit for a tenant that was concerned about a possible rodent as well!! Very pleased with the above and beyond service!!!

Julia D.
San Diego, CA
I cannot say enough positive things about License to Kill. They inspected and tented a house as part of escrow. When the shady builder instructed them to do a limited inspection and not report specific damage, they went to bat for me, disclosed the shady conduct, and inspected the repair work to make sure it was done properly. They have great attention to detail and were proven right every step of the way.

Peggy P.
Spring Valley, CA
This company is amazing!! We are extremely satisfied with their work...right from the start, the receptionist was polite and informative, the inspector was very competent and trustworthy, the price was great. We did have to have some repairs done and the work was completed in a timely manor and expertly done. All of it was first class. We highly recommend License To Kill, if we ever need this service again we will certainly use them.

Laurie V.
San Diego, CA
I highly recommend License to Kill for all pest, termite and for repair of structural damage due to termites. They get the job done right, and they are very honest and friendly!!

Susan W.
Santee, CA
Licensed to Kill is super professional, punctual and reasonably priced. Larry was top notch and thorough. I highly recommend.

Tina W.
Santee, CA
Friendly. Informative. Efficient. Effective.

Victoria B.
Santee, CA
I do not normally take the time to write reviews on services I have used or places I have been. However, I have been so impressed with this company over the past few years that I felt the need to share. I started out with ants and spiders. I was placed on a monthly pest control service and everything was great from the office staff to the field tech. No more ants! About a year later, I was getting ready for a labor day pool party when a swarm of bees infested my roof right on the corner by the pool. I called a "bee specialist" and was told they could not do anything for me if there was no hive to remove. So I called License to Kill. They came over, on a holiday, and treated the area, killed the swarm of bees, and even helped me clean up the dead bees before my party started! That is customer service! Last summer I found out I had termites and needed a fumigation. I have a tile roof and heard many horror stories form friends about broken tile, broken sprinklers, etc. I had gotten 3 opinions from other pest control companies at the advise of a friend, I am pleased to say License to Kill had the most competent inspector and the best prices! They did a great job on the fumigation. I love this company!!!!! I only wish every company cared about their customers as much as License to Kill cares about theirs!

Tom J.
El Cajon, CA
License to Kill fumigated my home when I bought it and did a great job. They also replaced the termite damaged wood. I saw the dead termites when the repair work was being done, I tried other contractors to replace damaged wood but were way to expensive and could not come out right away. Their staff was friendly and they worked with the fast escrow and did outstanding work.

Kalee S.
Santee, CA
They have been doing my families pest control for about 8 years now. We all love them! They have done everything from ants and mice to bees and I have always been satisfied! I just found termites in the wall when I was remodeling and they fumigated my house. Made it a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. Owners are very kind and honest people.

Anthony V.
La Mesa, CA
Been using them for years. They've done a great job every time. As a real estate agent you need a company like them to work with - low cost and great work!

Linda A.
El Cajon, CA
I heard rodents in my walls and in the attic. I called several companies, but inspections were very costly. I called License to Kill, they went everywhere and found a solution including a monthly program that worked for me. I recommend them to anyone in San Diego that has a rodent problem.

Eric D.
El Cajon, CA
Buying a home, I had to have extensive wood repair done along with a fumigation. The seller had a 20k bid from their pest control company. My agent had License to Kill come out and I saved massive amount of money! They did excellent repair work and even painted the new wood. They tented the home and gave me a free pest control service. Thanks guys, keep up good work!

Luis Z.
El Cajon, CA
I hired them to get rid of my pest issues and not only did they provide exceptional service, but they also repaired the damage the termites did to my patio. They were friendly and professional. The price is what I expected to pay for the level of service they provided.

Caius G.
San Diego, CA
License To Kill was very easy to work with and they returned phone calls and were very polite on the phone. We had a urgent request for License To Kill to do a termite clearance on a property that was scheduled to close and they made it happen. Thank you License To Kill for working with us in a time crunch and your staff was very professional.

Jackie J.
San Diego, CA
I usually don't take the time to comment about a service, however, I have been quite impressed with License To Kill Pest Control. We had a rat problem for a long time and tried many different things to get rid of them. Finally, we called License To Kill and they took care of the rat problem in a very prompt, professional, and affordable way. I wish we would've called them sooner. I also appreciate that they didn't try to sell us a service we didn't need. They are fair, honest, and true professionals. From now on, I surely will call License To Kill for any and every pest problem we have. Thank you so much!

Edna G.
El Cajon, CA
We never write reviews, but our experience with License to Kill was AMAZING. The employee that was sent out to take care of our ant issue was extremely thorough in explaining the different ant behaviors, and then explained the treatment program and how it would work. 2 weeks later, not a sign of an ant. THANKS LICENSE TO KILL.

Ashlie G.
San Diego, CA
What a great company!!! Through my years of dealing with different pest control companies, I would have to say this was by far the best experience I've had. It first started with the phone call I made, when I was greeted by a kind young lady that seemed really knowledgeable and answered all questions concerning my cockroach problem to the best of her knowledge, and told me she would have a licensed inspector call me to further help. I was contacted immediately by a gentlemen who then set an appointment with me to come visit. When he arrived he was very professional, asked me what my concerns were and then asked me if I wanted to follow him to do the inspection. Then he went over treatment options and explained what we would need to do to be prepared for the treatment and then told us how we could also help out on a daily basis. The technician arrived on time the following day for our appointment, asked if he could re-inspect for his benefit, then sat down with me and explained what he was going to do and how it would work. We were very happy with how customer service oriented, knowledgeable and professional this company is from the phone call, to the inspection, to the treatment. Thank you License to Kill.

Steve J.
La Mesa, CA
I had an ant invasion in my home. A friend recommend License to Kill. I called and got same day service. The tech used bait inside my home because I am chemical sensitive. He treated outside and made recommendation to trim trees away from my home. They come out every month and treat outside. It is a pleasure not to have any more ants and care about my health concerns. I will recommend them to everyone.

Shelly J.
El Cajon, CA
License to Kill inspected my home when i was buying it and found ten thousand dollars more work that the other three companies. I made the seller hire them and pay for the work. I would have been stuck with a messed up new home. Thank God for honest companies like License to Kill. New shower, new deck - they do outstanding work.